So you’ve made it to my travel blog, which I’m guessing means that we share the same passion. This also means you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for advice about loads of different aspects of travel, from the planning to recording your memories and what to do on the trips themselves!



As far back as I can remember, going on holiday was always my favourite thing about life, even travelling 5 hours across my home country by car to the English seaside. I have the best memories of those holidays, so I guess that’s where it all started.


Over the years this love of a week long holiday per year has grown into an obsessive desire to travel as often as possible. I’ll go anywhere. Looking for cheap deals is my favourite thing to do, besides actually being on the road. I want to see everywhere so it doesn’t matter which order I do it in, it’ll all get seen eventually.


Even when commitments get in the way, there’s not point letting that hold me back from my exploration of the world. After all, travel doesn’t necessarily mean going to a foreign country. I’ve been to many beautiful places across my home country, England. And why stop there? Even my home city, Sheffield, and its surrounding areas have so many hidden beauties with the Peak District just on my doorstep.


So I hope you’ll stick around for the journey as I share my adventures and, more importantly, share tips to give you inspiration for your own travels!

Jennie xx

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  1. Such a interesting blog! Love reading all about the journeys you go on and it gives me great inspiration to want to explore the rest of the world! You also give great tips on locations and money saving tips!

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